Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kook Afrikaans!

I recently found this cookbook in my mom's kitchen. Now, my mom is by far the best cook I know, especially when it comes to rusks. She makes the best.

I'm sorry to say, but I know that when most people thing of 'traditional Afrikaans' or a 'traditional Afrikaner'; one might think of this:

But most of us are actually pretty stylish; yet we still love the food we grew up eating. My favourite? Koeksisters.

I grew up in Stellenbosch and never really felt part of the 'Afrikaner kultuur' that so many people felt married to. I think there might be more of you out there, which is why I started this blog. 

This is my Afrikaner journey through our ancestors' favourite culinary delights. Think melktert, rusks, koeksisters and groeteboontjiebredie. I'm going to teach myself to make it all!

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